Polaris POS Milestone and Latest Installation

Polaris Technology was founded in 2016, since then it continuously set it's software footprint

in all SME's store and offices


JULY 10, 2018

International Golden Group Point-of-Sale Software Installation in their headquarters in Abu dhabi


It is the news that UAE will introduce VAT which is something new for the citizens and businesses that drives us to take the leap. Dubai is a modern city but the adaptation of SME's into technology is relatively low


The balance of Asian
& Italian Cuisinine

Yin and Yang is the first Chinese and Italian Restaurant in JLT and the first one to bring it to everyone's doorstep.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2018

Plaisir Cadeaux Et Fleurs

Plaisir Cadeaux et Fleurs is a flower shop located in Al Thanya Street API Complex. It is a uniquely beautiful boutique with a serene and welcoming venue making each customer feel special as soon as they walk in. Miss McMechan get our Ipad Cloud based Point-of-Sale Software

Matsu - Matsu Restaurant LLC

Taste of Japanese Cuisine
in Abu Dhabi

Matsu's dishes are taken back to their basic ingredients, describing the real taste of Japanese dining culture. Maintaining a consistent and exciting flavors of authentic and traditional Japanese cuisine.

U-Fit Nutrition LLC

Be Fit, Feel Good, Look Good

Ufit Nutrition is a Distributor of Leading branded nutritional supplements, health, baby, wellness and beauty products.


Bowling Corner LLC

Go to destination for your bowling needs

Bowling Corner is full service bowling store for all your bowling needs - Full line of in stock Balls, Bags, Shoes, Cleaner and Accessories along with bowling Ball Drilling while you want.

Deli Bistro Restaurant

Fresh and Tasty


Gourmet District

Go to destination for your bowling needs

Gourmet District is an all-day dining restaurant serving international cuisine .They have dine-in restaurant section as well as a deli section . The place is divided into 2 floors along with the dining area on the terrace.


Bigger. Better. Bolder.

With Mr. Faris's connection and determination of our founder the team grew from 1 to 10 amazing minds who shares the same passion and belief system which won't go away easliy when we encounter bumps of a start up company