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Clever way to store your Customer Informations, and purchase history
a smart way to keep your business connected

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  • customer-directory

    Organized Customer Directory

    Track and manage the customer vital information through one unified platform from customer personal data to their purchase transaction.

  • customer-habits

    Understand your Customer by heart

    Have a better view of your customer spending habits. Identify who is your perfect customer and create a compelling personal relationship with them.

  • crm-connected

    Keeping business Connected

    No more manual operation of hunting contact information. We move the needle from your business and let you focus on nurturing customer relationship.


Your Customer List right through your POS

One Better way of providing a better service to your Customers is getting to know them, not only by name but also on what they want to create some a higher of level service personalization.

  • Keeping your business altogether

    Gone are the days that you need to scour excel spreadsheet to look for customer information. In Polaris POS you can search them either easily by typing their name, or mobile numeber. If you have a previous list of your client of file you can easily import on the POS Directory.

  • See the value your customer bring on the table

    Customer drives your business, knowing the how much value they give to your business would allow you to allot an amount to invest on them to create a valuable relationship. Remember Loyal Customer tend to recruit new customer.


Free Dashboard to know if you're on
track with your metrics at a glance

The Polaris pos Dashboard gives you real-time data about your business.
You can see metrics relating to customers such as Top Customers,
Average Spending of Customers and many more data that you can
use to make data-driven decisions.


Everything you need from an Inventory Management Software

Polaris POS has everything you’d expect from a complete solution.
It is equipped with reports and functions that helps you understand your Inventories better.
Customization options, team access and data controls let you work the way you want.

  • crm-adding-customer

    Easily Add Customer Informations

    Perfect for businesses who wants to capture customer information, such as name, email and phone number and address for deliveries.

  • purchase-history

    Purchase History

    With Polaris POS you can keep track of the purchase transactions of your beloved customer.From the count, items, quantity, value and even discounts given.

  • on-account

    Accepts On Account Payment

    Offer your products on credit to attract more customers who prefers merchants with wide spectrum of payment terms.

  • customer-payment

    Customer Payment

    CRM Module shows the invoices with pending payment. Great way to organize your On Account transactions

  • customer-reports

    Easy to Digest Reports

    Polaris harness all your customer's data and translate it into easy to understand reports. Giving you the ease of making data driven decisions.

  • free-crm

    And It's FREE

    Nothing is free in this world, but our CRM module is an exception. Get the Polaris POS and have the CRM module for free!

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