Manage Inventory Effortlessly

The Cloud-based POS Software that keeps your rolling

Take your sporting goods anywhere with Polaris POS. It works with Tablet and Laptop you can carry it around and sell on the next sports event downtown. Polaris POS allows you to open a window shop to world by providing you your own e-commerce site or connecting you with a leading e-commerce platfom..

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and Accounting Combined

Create financial Snapshot of your business. Polaris POS gives you insightful data about your Sales, Expenses, Inventory and Customers Transactions, that will help you make sound decision. It has loads of powerful features that your accountant will love such as Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance and Emirates Wide VAT Output and Vat Input report

The Software that grows with you

Sports and Outdoor POS that grows with you.

They say growing is painful, but it doesn't have to be like that. In Polaris POS you can add new location in minutes. No need to invest highly on new POS hardware. Utilize your computer or IPAD/ Tablet. No need to buy servers, every transaction is stored in cloud, for easy setup and data retrieval

Business Intelligence

User friendly, Fancy POS Software

Polaris is an intuitive Point-of-Sale Software, regardless of your experience level in using POS Softwares. It is designed for modern retailers that cares about aesthetic and appeal.You can use it as Product Catalog enriching the servic experience you provide for your shoppers.

Out-of-the-Box Integration

  • Integration - Apple Pay
  • Integration - Magento
  • Integration - Woo Commerce
  • Integration - Xero
  • Integration - Samsung
  • Integration - Presta Shop

Features you will gonna love

Find out how Polaris POS will grow your business

Mobile Responsive


It works with PC, MAC, IPAD/ Tablet you just need to have a working browser. You can also utilize your old hardware to start selling



Entice your customer to purchase more through offering promotions. Monitor it's performance through the retail dashboard

Real Time Reports


Access your up-to-the-minute report anytime anywhere. Monitor sales as it happens. Perfect for business owners who are on-the-go



Polaris POS connects with best business apps such as accounting, e-commerce, ERP etc everything you need to power-up your business



Suddenly internet got disconnected? With Polaris POS you can continue selling and resync all Sale data once internet is up

Friendly Support


Our culturally-diverse team is dedicated to provide top notch Customer service. Connect through main, call or we can schedule site visit


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