Real time acess to business data
whenever and whereever you need it.

Polaris Dashboard is designed to make your data easy to understand.
No need to hunt through spreadsheets—Polaris Dashboard breaks it down so
you can add it up quickly.

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    Stay informed of your metrics

    Sign in to your Polaris Account from
    any device, anywhere to access important data
    about your business.

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    Tools to strengthen your business

    Polaris Dashboard has set of tools designed
    to strengthened your business, showing you areas
    needs to be tweak, fix or improve

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    Power up your business

    Data collected and transform into easily digest
    illustration empowers business owners like yours to
    make decision based on facts and numbers


Know where your business stands with
free and powerful reports.

Polaris Dashboard provides snapshots and insights and advanced sales reports.
It’s a business intelligence software that comes free with your Polaris account.

  • Keep your eyes on the bottom line

    See all your transactions and deposits easily.
    Track the progress of every invoice—see the clients who owe
    you money, and know who’s already paid.

  • Data made digestible

    Designed to make your numbers easy to understand.
    Polaris Dashboard breaks down every important KPI in graphical presentation
    so you can add it up quickly.


Check the free Dashboard Progressive Web App
to see your sales from anywhere.

The Polaris Dashboard gives you real-time sales data
on any Device. Compare sales by time across multiple
locations and always know which items are fast and slow moving

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Understand what's happening across outlets throught the dashboard

Color coded KPI's beautifully designed interactive graphs,
making it easy for on-the-go business owners to make smart and
data driven decisions

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    Payroll management

    Know which visa, work permit is near to expire right through the Dashboard. Aside from that you can see who among the employee sells the most.

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    Accounting management

    See which Sales Invoices is pending for payment and get notified with the recurring expenses. See which operating expenses you spend the most

  • dashboard-inventory

    Inventory management

    Get notified with the inventories that is near to expire, and which hits the reorder level to keep your inventory on stock.

  • dashboard-recipe-management

    Recipe Management

    Cornerstone of every restaurant kitchen and it provides a method for achieving consistency in every meal served. This is to helps to ensure that you won't run out of product

  • dashboard-customer-management

    Customer Management

    Provides a bird’s eye view on different aspects of customers’ purchase history to help smart business owners gain a better understanding of Customers buying behavior

  • dashboard-purchase-management

    Purchases Management

    Manage suppliers, quotations, purchase orders, and incoming shipments.Instantly view budget spend, rather than waiting for the bookkeeper’s report

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