Point of Sales (POS) Software in Dubai
for Retail and Restaurants

Finding for the POS Software in Dubai that you can use to punch order and issue receipts to your customer is easy,
there’s a lot of choices in the market with cheap prices,but finding the POS Software that can help you understand
what’s happening with every aspect of your business from your Sales, Inventory/Purchases, Accounting, Customers
and Employees plus a provider that will be there every step of the rocky, bumpy way is like finding a needle on a
haystack. Good thing, you found us.


What is Polaris Point of Sale Software – and how can it help you understand your business better?

Polaris POS is developed by Polaris Technology LLC, a Dubai based Software Company.
We are not big, but we are definitely growing. From 1 full time employee to 10 great minds in a span of 3 years.

Features of Polaris Point of Sale Software

It is easy-to-use and highly customizable

1 Hour – a full, dedicated one-hour training is what we need from you to understand how to use the POS Software. You don’t need to have technical know-how to use the software. Whether you are a Retail Shop, Supermarket, Restaurants,Coffee-shop or whatever industries you are in, whatever you are selling, for as long as it’s legal, Polaris Software can sell with you.


Cloud-based POS Software in Dubai

You always hear this term cloud-based, and probably you are asking what is the hell is that? Polaris POS is hosted in a cloud facility, by Microsoft, allowing you, the users of the Point of Sale software to view and monitor your transactions whether it’s Sales, Employee Clock in and Outs, Accounting Transactions in store, using any devices, with a working latest browser (Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer) for as long as you have Internet Connection. Whether you out of the country, you can monitor what’s happening with your business, like you are always there even though you’re not.

Complete and Comprehensive POS Software

Do you have different Software in place to manage the different aspects of your business, one software for Billing, another one for Inventory Management, one for monitoring Employees and you tired are jumping from one software to another for every transaction?

Working with hundreds of retailers and restauranteurs we know their pains, and we understand that the mentioned problem above is one of them that’s why built these 8 Unified Modules with powerful features to alleviate your problem.

8 Unified Modules POS Software Modules

  • free-crm

    Sales Module

    Allows you to Issue FTA approved Tax Invoices to your Corporate or Individual Customers. You can accept different types of payments, and record sales in different Sales Sources great If you sell on Online Stores or you sell through Whatsapp).

  • free-crm

    Inventory Management Module

    Monitor your Inventory Expirations to avoid wastage, Inventory Levels to know when to and not to order, Recipe Management to know how much you use for food preparation, and Digital Stock take to understand what you have and if you are managing your Inventories efficiently.

  • free-crm

    Payroll Module

    Enter your employees’ documents, and keep track of the pertinent documents expiration such as Visa, MOL Card, Employee contract, Insurance, to avoid any Labor penalty.

  • free-crm

    Purchasing Module

    Integrated with the Inventory Management Module. Allows you to create Purchase Orders, and Tax Invoices to your Suppliers. Better understand which supplier provides your with best selling items and which supplier gives you products with most returns.

  • free-crm

    Manufacturing Module

    For businesses who produce their own products or who are engage in custom made ordering, Bill of Materials, Work Orders Entry is very necessary to make your operation smooth and efficient.

  • free-crm

    Business Intelligence (Dashboard)

    Polaris Dashboard is a tool to visualize your data in a more graphical and easy-to-use charts. It harnesses all data available from the working Modules and shows the summary of all transaction in easy-to-understand charts.

  • free-crm

    Customer Management Module

    One way of providing great service to your customer is to personalize it but how? By having information of your customers. When you add a customer in the POS Software, it captures all the transactions made (Purchases, Personal Information) and store it for you. When you have their data, you can do a lot of things. You just have to be creative.

  • free-crm

    Accounting Software Module

    Every transaction that involves movement of the Cash assets needs to be accounted. Polaris POS Software in Dubai is equipped with a built-in Accounting Software that captures all the Sales Transaction, Purchases and allowing you to record your expenses to understand if the business is on track to it’s financial goal and increasing its bottom-line, Net Income.You don’t have to get a third-party accounting software.

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